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Here you will find a set of commonly asked questions regarding our portable cabins, if you can't find what you require please contact us.

When can we view your cabins?

Monday to Thursday 8.30 to 4.30.
Friday 8.30 to 4pm.

How are the cabins delivered?

Within 180km of our yard the cabins are towed with a 4 x 4 vehicle. This requires unobstructed access to get the cabin onto site. If delivery & set up of the cabin requires using a neighboring property, we require written permission from the owner of the property prior to delivery. Over 180km we will arranged kerb side delivery via our recommended trucking company.

Can you build the cabin on our site?

No, the cabins are fully built in our factory and delivered to your site

Can we pick up the cabin ourselves?

Yes, if you have a vehicle with a tow rating of 3.5 ton. Cabins over 2.550 wide require a brake controller on the tow bar & hazard panels. It is essential to notify your insurance company that you are going to be towing the cabin on the road.

Does the cabin stay on the trailer?


Do we need consent for the cabin?

No as our cabins are plug & go like a caravan and used as temporary accommodation, a building consent is not required if the cabin is under 10sq meters, or on a trailer (like a caravan / vehicle).

What happens with the Toilet?

We have 3 options depending on your requirements:
1) Porta Potti: chemical toilet with holding tank, the tank is emptied in toilet or sewage drain.
2) Standard flush toilet - A Black Box toilet pump system is an optional extra.
3) Lewis Gray waterless toilet Villa 9000 240V (this is an optional extra)

Where does the GREY water go?

The water can go into a bucket or a soak hole

How is the power connected?

We supply a caravan lead & interface box which is plugged into a builder’s pole or a standard 3-pin plug at house/garage on site. All cabins have Warrant of Electrical Fitness. 16Amp if you connect to a caravan supply or limited to 10 amps if you use the interface box and connect to a 3 pin power point.

How is the water connected?

15mm Black alkathene pipe connected to an outside tap. Connections are the responsibility of the owner.
Tank water is fine so long as using a pressure pump not gravity feed from a header tank. The minimum pressure required to run the gas califont is 30kpa with a flow rate of 5 litres per minute.

How is the water heated?

The water is heated by a gas califont but we can also supply an optional 25ltr hot water cylinder

What are the site requirements and requirements for access to site?

A flat or near level site is required for the cabin. We need 3.5mtr clear space around the cabin & above the cabin ie: clear of overhanging trees & eaves of the house. Room is needed for maneuvering & turning the cabin into position.

How far off the boundary does the cabin need to be?

Generally, 3 Metres off the boundary, but is dependent on your property. Check with Council and ask neighbors for written permission if less than 3 metres from boundary.

How long is the tow bar?

The tow bar is retractable and once on site, it slides back under the cabin.

How high / wide are the cabins?

Outside: 3.2 metres at the highest point / center of the cabin from the ground to the top of roof.
Inside: 2.3 metres in the middle of cabin and 2m at each of the cabin.
Note: The overall width of the cabin is 3.1 over the roof. As the cabins increase in width the roof over hang gets smaller. With the Expander pop outs dimensions are: 1 metre deep by 2 metres wide. There is a 70mm step between the cabin floor and pop out inside the cabin.

Do you supply double glazed windows?

Our standard cabins have single glazed, with we can supply double glazing as an optional feature. Double glazed windows are twice the weight of single glazed windows and can add to the build time.

Can the cabins be USED the off grid?

Yes, our cabins can easily be connected plug & go. All lights are LED and inverter pack 12Volt to 240Volt

What do we need to do to have the TV connected?

TV wire is supplied ready for connection to antenna or satellite dish.

How can we connect the phone / internet?

Wire is supplied ready for connection.

Do you supply appliances?

No, it’s best to buy your own appliances as this cuts out the middle man and saves on costs.

Do you fit gas appliances inside the cabin?

No, gas appliances are considered high risk in enclosed small areas.

If we have a bathroom / kitchen do we need a building consent.

The cabins are the same as a self-contained caravan so long as the cabin is used for temporary accommodation a consent is not required *

Can I rent out the cabin long term and earn extra income?

No. All rental properties need to be registered with the council as a legal flat/ house.

Can I take the wheels off the cabin?

No, as the cabin could be classed as a building and become liable for a building consent.

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NB: *Resources consent may be required if parked on a boundary or if you are over the site coverage, also dependent on your property & Council.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions that are not covered above.

Contact Details

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Phone: 09 428 3800
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Office hours

Our office hours (or cabin viewing) are:

8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday
9.00am to 12.30pm Saturday by appointment only.
Note: we are not open on public holidays.


Prices and availability (some cabins may differ in size) subject to change without notice. Pricing is indicative only and subject to subject to change and final features.